Energy and the Penny Wall

What you are looking at – if you are looking at the picture here, is a Penny Wall. Well, that’s what I’m calling it anyway.

A few days ago my friend and fellow Serenity Community member, Andrea Lange asked me if I had ever stuck a penny to the wall using only my energy. While I’ve had some interesting experiences in my life I had to admit that up until then I had never thought of sticking pennies to the wall. Have you?

So, I asked her what we were using to adhere these pennies, some shiny, some dull to this wall in the hall between our offices. Her response shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. Energy and Intention. Do you dig that or what!?

Okay, I thought I would give it a try. Picking up a penny, I pressed it against the wall as hard as I could. As soon as I removed my finger the apparently un-energized penny fell to the floor with a quiet but very distinct thud. Oh. Maybe there’s more to this than I had considered. Andrea only chuckled a little bit; she’s a very kind and gentle woman. We chatted a bit more. Andrea’s instructions were simple, she asked me to intend that the penny easily sticks to the wall. See, feel and believe that my energy was flowing through me, through the penny and into the wall. Know it would stay there if that was my intention.

On the second try, my penny stuck. I was so excited I’m sure many of you heard me shout and perhaps felt the earth shake a bit as I jumped up and down in absolute glee. To say I was absolutely delighted by the energetic penny would be something of an understatement. Andrea stuck her penny to the wall and we both went home.

The next day our pennies were still stuck to the wall. Oh, this was getting even better! So, as I saw clients during the day, I invited them to stick their pennies to the wall. Following the instructions Andrea had shared I encouraged them to use their energy, their intention to feel, see and know the pennies would adhere, easily and totally effortlessly. I should have been taking pictures of the looks in the eyes as one person after another easily placed their penny on the wall.

All of this has a point you know. It’s a visual example of what we can and do accomplish each and every day with our intentions, using our energy. We move through life, thinking one thing and another. Having expectations that are positive or perhaps less than happy. Each of these thoughts, intentions, worries, fears, and expectations has an effect on our lives. The Penny Wall makes that pretty clear.

I think I’m going to take some fabulous colored pencils into the office and ask clients to sign and date their pennies as they put them on the wall. Just a little reminder that our energy, our thoughts, our intentions create our world.

I’m not speaking specifically about life coaching, Reiki, meditation or any other form of energy work today. In fact, I’m talking about all of these things and more. I encourage you to simply take a moment to think about how you would like your life to unfold today. What would make you happy? Allow your thoughts and feelings to flow easily, what feels good to you? Take one more look at the Penny Wall. When I tried to attach my penny using force it fell to the floor. When I gently held it to the wall and asked for it to stay, it did.

No nagging here. The coach is going for another cup of coffee and an apple. I just wanted to share my energy and intention with you. I intend to have a fabulous day; perhaps I’ll put another penny on the wall. If you would like to add yours, come on by. There is plenty for everyone.


Author: Sandy

Master Grief Coach and Master Grief Coach Trainer Reiki Master and Teacher Hypnotist Author

6 thoughts on “Energy and the Penny Wall”

  1. Hi Sandy!
    I love the photo that goes along with the phenomenon! This morning I was contemplating the child’s book “You Are Special” by Max Lucado. It is about a little puppet town where people-puppets adhere stars and dots to other people-puppets; stars for the things they like and dots for the things they don’t like. One little puppet dude found himself covered in dots…until he learns how to make them NOT stick. So, penny and dot thoughts and experiences can “stick” to me from inside my minds or from others…if I let them.
    Reiki and coaching are a great way to let some of the “dots” go!
    I am intending of day of star sticking or simply flowing.
    Thanks for the reflection space.

  2. Hi Sandy
    I just had to try this and it worked! Only it was temporary. The penny stayed and then plopped off. I was encouraged though. How long did the pennies stay on the wall, and what type of wall is it? Just curious. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Tana,

      Actually, some of the pennies have been on the wall for well over a week now. From time to time someone will accidentally knock off one or more. But it seems everyday that a few more are added. One of my most skeptical clients added a penny yesterday. Of course he smiled and told me that was because the penny understood it had been told what to do. He’s a fireman, so this made him happy. I thought it was an interesting way of saying pretty much the same thing.

      This is simply an old plaster wall, at least I think it’s plaster, it may be dry-wall. Has a bit of texture, but not a lot. Many coats of paint.

      Today is Thanksgiving and I think we may be adding a few pennies to the wall and Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Why not share the good energy.

      Kudos to you for trying, I’m sure you will be able to have your penny stay longer if that’s what you truly want. By the way, we’re using dimes now too.


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