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Black Friday

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

I take shopping research pretty seriously. Always knowing or at least having some very definite ideas ahead of time, what I’m going to buy and how much I’m going to pay. I’m the shopper with a list, a plan of which stores I’m going to visit and a definite plan in mind. Armed with my list and my plan I’m able to enjoy the crowds, the lights, decorations and the festivity in the air. Having said all of that, I’ve never shopped on ‘Black Friday’. Just the mere thought of heading out during the busiest shopping day of the year has always made me a wee bit weary, I just never wanted to fight crowds and deal with what I was sure would be crabby, rushed people.

This year all anyone on the news has been talking about has been our country’s financial crisis. The department stores are in turn offering deeper discounts than ever before! That’s the claim I heard again and again. So, stores were fishing for shoppers and like a good little fishy, I felt the need to take the bait. What fun I had!

The mall was incredibly busy, just finding a spot even at the late hour of the morning that I ventured out took quite a bit of time. But once I entered the mall I was so pleasantly surprised. People were smiling; chatting and gathering holiday gifts the way squirrels gather nuts. Busy, busy, busy. The U.S. Marines were out collecting Toys for Tots, smiling and talking to the happy shoppers. Decorations were beautiful. I have to say that 9 out of 10 people seemed like they were having a great time. It was so much fun! I felt like giggling when I found just what I was looking for time and again. Each one was just what I expected to pay or less. Turns out that Black Friday really does offer some great deals.

What’s the point of my story? You just know there has got to be a point here somewhere. I would like to encourage others to try something new. Stretching or pushing slightly past our normal comfort zone can be a very exciting, slightly scary and very satisfying experience. This can be something big or small; it may pertain to your business or line of work. Possibly something to do with friends or family or of course your stretch could be about doing something just for you, yourself. For me today, it was about venturing out on the busiest shopping day of the year, something I always swore I wouldn’t do. I learned that I really enjoyed it and will probably do it again. The life coach in me is very pleased.

I encourage you to try something new, stretch just a little bit; you may find a fabulous experience just waiting for you.


Did I Do That?

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

What we think about does happen. I firmly believe that. I’m sure you’ve heard or read the theory at some point. Recently ‘The Secret’ has become very well known. Many other authors and speakers have also been spreading the word all over the world.

The theory is pretty simple and straight-forward. What we think about, where we put our attention will come to be our reality. Most of us have heard one version or another of this theory for most of our lives. Think about it. ‘What comes around, goes around.’ ‘You will reap what you sow.’ ‘You get what you ask for.’ It all makes perfect sense to me.

One of my favorite people in the world was my Uncle Oren. He always thought of himself as a lucky man. And he was! When he and my aunt were in the process of adopting their son, he entered a contest for baby diapers. Uncle Oren won. Over the next 25 years or so he continued to win, again and again. He won a Suburban, a $5000. lottery, a John Deere tractor with Green Bay Packers painting and logo on it. He also won a hunting rifle and a Harley Davidson telephone. The list goes on and on. When my wonderful, optimistic Uncle Oren entered a contest he simply expected to win. He once told my Aunt Nancy as he was leaving for work that she should call him when the call came in to announce his winning. Guess what happened only a few hours later… of course they got that call, he had won. I loved that attitude about him, as did everyone who knew him.

I’ve been thinking lately that I wanted to replace my eyeglasses. They were six years old, the lenses were scratched and they were undoubtedly a bit out of style. Still, they were functional and I couldn’t really think of a good reason to simply go out and replace them. Or could I? I had been thinking a good bit about getting new glasses, even talked to a friend about it. Then I sort of forgot about the issue. I believe I had set the process in motion. I was driving the other day, my glasses were irritating me so I took them off and set them on my lap. Very uncharacteristic of me. Later I got out of the vehicle and completely forgot about the glasses. Only after I had driven away again did I remember what had most likely happened. Sure enough, upon returning I found that I had run over my glasses with my truck. Oops. Guess who now needed new glasses and really had no good way to avoid it. I believe that this happened because I expected to replace the glasses, so that’s just what the universe helped me to arrange.

The reason I share this is that as a life coach I would like all of us to realize that we are in control of our future. We have the ability to bring happiness or unhappiness into our lives. We can think about, expect and plan for prosperity and as long as we are focusing on actual prosperity, not lack, bills and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet, it will indeed come to exist in our lives.

Now, this may or may not happen overnight. We need to focus our attention on what we actually want, completely release what we do not want. In other words, expect only the positive. It takes practice but I know it’s something that we are all able to accomplish, a bit today, a bit more tomorrow.

There will undoubtedly be more that I share about this in the future, in fact, I expect that soon I’ll feel the need to hold a workshop on the subject. In the meantime, I encourage you to give it a try. Ask for the wonderful things that you would like to have in your life, expect them to happen and then imagine them happening to you right now. I’d like to hear how it works out for you.

Wishing you a day filled with positive, fabulous thoughts.


The Amazing Toddler

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Observe the amazing toddler. They know who they like and trust. Even better, they never hesitate to show it! If a small child likes you they smile, giggle and follow you around. You get lots of wet, slimy, wonderful kisses. Lots of sticky jelly hugs. And every time you take a step that wonderful child is under your feet. Why? Because they like you! And when a toddler or small child likes you, they don’t hesitate at all to show it, in every possible way. It’s great!

Small children are the life coaches teaching us what we once knew, and I hope that we are willing to re-learn. I’m convinced that the world would be a much better, certainly a much happier place if we would take a page from the book of toddlers. Too often we are uncomfortable telling someone that we like them. Much too often we don’t tell others that we love them.

It occurs to me that there are many people I really like that may not know how I feel about them. It’s time to fix that, time to take positive action. I have no business suggesting to others that they get going on this unless I’m willing to take some action myself. So, I am going to be sure that I stop holding back. I will hug more, smile more and tell others how much I like and appreciate them, for who they are and for what I feel when I am with them. When it comes to those that I love, I realize that I take them for granted far too often. While I tell them often that I love them, it’s time to tell them why I love them and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

I encourage you to live a day offering your sincere appreciation for friends and loved ones. Give it one day, I bet you’ll feel so good that you decide to do it again and again.

Wishing you a day filled with the fabulous feelings of friendship and love.


Time to Work Together

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Okay, it’s settled. The election was held a few days ago and Americans have selected Mr. Barack Obama to be the next president of United States.

Fortunately, the many months of political advertisements are over. It’s time to stop criticizing the candidates and arguing about which party has the best ideas for our country. It’s time to show support and respect for our new president-elect.

Think what we can do when we all work together! Americans are by nature, optimistic, loving, hardworking people. I am convinced that when we decide to respect the differences we have in opinions, beliefs and life experience and instead focus on what we can accomplish by working together that we will move forward in a most positive way.

I’d like to suggest that all of us find a way to thank all of the past presidents, including President Bush who will soon be leaving office. Each of these men was elected by us; Americans. I believe they have each served to the best of their ability and for that, they have my thanks and respect; I hope they have yours as well.

So now it’s time to look forward. Change can be very exciting and it can be quite wonderful. Let’s pull together because when we support and respect one another we can’t help but improve the situation of all of us. When we improve our personal situations, we improve our communities and that just like the ripple on a pond, the effects cannot help but spread to others.

Congratulations fellow Americans, we have made history by electing Mr. Obama. Now let’s show the world that once again, we support each other, we respect each other and we will lift one another up to become a stronger, healthier nation.


Be a Kid Again

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

It turns out that our kids are always teaching us lessons. All three of mine are now grown and in fact the eldest is married. Each of them has been on their own since he was eighteen years old, they have responsible jobs, and if you would meet any of them one on one you would have an impression of average young men. But when they are all together, they resume the roles they had when they were all less than 10 years old. It’s a hoot!

My husband and I joined them at our place at the lake yesterday, the place where everyone can just completely relax and have fun. As soon as they heard us arrive, I heard one of them call out Indy’s here! Yes, they really were more excited to see the dog than their Dad and me, that’s okay, he was incredibly, silly happy to see all of his kids too.

As soon as we got in the house the stories began. Each one-upping the ante just a bit when it came to his turn to get a word in edgewise. For some reason, the lampshades were all slightly askew and I actually asked how in the world lampshades on standing lamps got knocked awry. Silly me. It didn’t take long for the story-telling and needling each other to move on to a bit of nudging one another as they walked around. Oh yeah, that’s how the lampshades get in that condition! How in the world had I forgotten? They teased one another and had the dog running from one to the other for what seemed like forever. In short, they all acted like they were little boys again.

Two of them took Indy for a walk so that Indy could see the beautiful Wisconsin autumn. When they returned, another enticed Indy into a game of chase. They ran up and down the hill, hiding and then pouncing when the other came into view. The third boy was hanging out with his Dad, puttering with the boat as they got ready to put it away for the winter. Too much chattering and laughing was heard for it to have been efficient, but they got the job done.

Later they discovered the games that have been on the shelf in the family room for the four years that we have been here. I heard one yell ‘We have Battleship and Scrabble!’ the others came running. From there on I heard good-natured accusations of cheating, shouts of surprise and not just laughing, but giggling as they tried to out-smart each other. No one was exempt, our daughter-in-law was in the middle of it all and even my husband was trying to make up words for Scrabble.

I want to thank all four of our kids (yes, we consider our beautiful daughter-in-law to be one of our kids now) for reminding us to relax, let go and have fun. They are all responsible adults in their day jobs, but when they are together they remember to enjoy each other and laugh. Simply laugh. Once again, I have been reminded that most of us have amazing life coaches in our lives; we just need to look around and pay a bit of attention.

So just for today, I suggest that you take a trip down memory lane. Try to remember that fabulous feeling of laughing and giggling. Remember the mud smooshing through your toes on a warm spring day, the feeling of flying a kite, playing in a leaf pile or making a snowman. Whatever it is that makes you feel like a happy kid again. Please take a few minutes, close your eyes and try to recall all of the delightul details… let yourself feel the happiness, the smooshy mud, the cool breeze, the warmth of the sun on your face as you lay in the grass and watched clouds float by. And then, let yourself go, allow yourself to chuckle, grin, laugh and giggle.

I wish you a fabulous day recalling happy memories and making new memories to recall in the future.