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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

If you ever read my blog, you know that I’m a holistic life coach. Why? Because I strongly believe that we must find balance in our lives to move forward in a meaningful way. That means that what happens in my personal life affects my social life, my business life, etc. That’s the holistic point of view.

Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I am surrounded by people who do not accept change quickly or easily, and yes, I am one of them. We tend to be pretty conservative in that respect. We like to think about things, talk it over and look from all angles. If we see a value, we generally give it a whirl. Once we experience value, we embrace this change and are staunch supporters. This is, of course, a generalization; however, I’m a prime example of this behavior.

I first experienced Reiki at the prompting of my son, Jeff. There were a lot of issues going on in my life, leaving me feeling physically, mentally and emotionally stressed. He recommended a Reiki master in the Milwaukee area. If I say that it changed my life I would be offering an understatement. Reiki helped me to bring balance into my life. Very important to someone who has a holistic point of view. I did have the attitude that comes naturally to most of us from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had a million questions and prior to the experience, I was not ready to wrap my arms around the experience. However, after my first Reiki session, I knew I had found something profound that would change my life.

Reiki has been a valuable tool for me ever since my first experience. Because of that, I have become a Reiki practitioner myself, pleased to offer Reiki to family and friends as would request it. Now I’ve decided to make Reiki available to my coaching clients as well. Actually, it simply makes sense. The Reiki experience has helped me to experience calm and balance. When I work with life coaching clients we are striving to find a way to move forward in a positive, balanced manner.

Once again, a citizen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has found a new experience, approached it carefully and come to embrace it enthusiastically. Some of us in Milwaukee may be a bit slow to experience something new to us, but when we do, if it proves to be a beneficial experience, it becomes something we stand behind.

Look for my website to be updated in the next week or so. It is my pleasure to offer Reiki to life coaching clients, but I am also very pleased to offer it to those who would simply like to experience Reiki on its own. My life is very good and I would like to share as much of this wonder, peace, and serenity with others as possible.

I wish you a balanced and fabulous day.


Black History Month

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

February is Black History Month. It’s a month when hopefully we are all learning a bit more about American history in full, and the amazing contributions that have been made by our African American citizens. It’s also a time to acknowledge the struggle that they have fought to get to where they are today. This is not about blame or recriminations, it’s about learning from the past so that we may make positive steps into the future.

I’m blessed to know a wonderful woman named Barbie. I don’t know her well, but I like her more and more each time that I have the opportunity to spend time with her. She’s smart, loving and a lot of fun. In short, Barbie is an incredible person. Recently I began to realize that she is also an amazing mom. She sent me an email, telling me a bit about her daughter Allyn and granddaughter Buchanan. It seems that Allyn has decided to teach her daughter who is only three years old about the history of her heritage. In addition to television, books and what she will undoubtedly learn in school, they do a skit every day. Every day! This is brilliant! This lucky little girl is learning from her mom in ways that she can understand and will remember throughout her life.

As a holistic life coach, I realize and appreciate that we all learn in different ways. Allyn is taking the time to introduce the world and American history to her daughter with love and accuracy. By making learning fun, Allyn is not only enjoying the time she spends with Buchanan, but she is making sure that Buchanan understands exactly what the world is about, in terms that she can easily understand. Allyn is my hero for the day, kudos to her and the mom who has taught her so much.

The truth is that we live in a complicated world. Even here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, life is not as simple and straightforward as some of us would like to pretend. Our city, state, and country are made up of many cultures, many injustices and an awful lot of pain. We can most easily move forward by acknowledging these injustices and pain. Teach each every generation where we have come from; give them the tools to move forward with hope for the future. I believe that is what Ms. Allyn is doing with her lovely daughter Buchanan.

I’m honored to know Barbie and I hope at some point to meet Allyn and Buchanan as well. Thank you for sharing with me. You ladies are fine examples of how we all can move forward in this complicated world.

Wishing you a fabulous day of learning and growth.



Saturday, February 7th, 2009

One of my favorite authors is Don Miguel Ruiz. His book ‘The Four Agreements’ is a quick and easy read, only about 140 pages, but I think it’s deceptively simple. In fact, I think it’s quite profound. I read this book often, however, I find that when I listen to it on audio-book I notice and appreciate it in a whole new way.

Yesterday I was driving up to the lake and listening to this book once again. What struck me was what he had to say about justice. Let me put this into my own words and of course give you my point of view. Basically, he says that if there was justice regarding people, once we have made a mistake we would own it and move on. There would be no lingering guilt and no on-going recriminations. Wow, what a concept!

The truth is that my dog gets it. When I’m in a bad mood and he makes me a bit crazy I sometimes slip and shout at him. As soon as I realize what I’ve done and I apologize, offer him a snuggle and a rub behind the ears, Indy forgives me completely. He doesn’t bring it up every time I’m crabby, he doesn’t remind me that I was snotty next time he wants a treat and I don’t offer it up quick enough. In short, I hurt his feelings, I apologized, and Indy forgave. Nice.

The problem is that as humans we seem to operate with a different set of rules. When someone hurts us we bring it up again and again. Sometimes verbally, sometimes intentionally, often just by thinking about it and being cautious with the offender long after the offense. As a holistic life coach, I think it’s really important to remember that any time I choose to hold this offense against someone, it affects me as well. For justice to be served at its best, after an offense is committed and apology accepted, the offense would be forgotten. Not just forgiven but actually forgotten.

If my husband has come home late, caused me to worry I might well be angry. However, after he has apologized and I say he is forgiven neither of us is served well by my reminding him the next day to come home on time to avoid my wrath. All that happens then is that he is on edge and I’m all ready to get upset again. Of course, this is the most simplistic example, but the point is the same regarding justice at any level. We do not forgive simply for the sake of the offender, but for the sake of the offended as well. If I’m living with the thought of something that was done to me, rehashing, again and again, I’m letting that offense color my entire life. By the same token, even if the punishment was meted out, every time I bring up the offense I am punishing the offender again and again. Never letting it go, never allowing either of us to move on in a healthy and productive way.

Of course, I recommend that you read the book. This subject and many others are addressed in detail and put much better than I ever could. Just the same, I wanted to share my thoughts. Let’s make an effort to not only forgive, but to truly forgive. We’ll all be much healthier and happier for the effort.

Wishing you a fabulous day, filled with forgiveness and justice.