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Serenity, healing, and joy, these are my goals for you.

Life is truly a fabulous journey! However, when Grief shows up it can bring with it some serious roadblocks that can make it difficult for us to see how to move forward.

  • Loss of focus and difficulty with concentration
  • Issues with sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Fear and worry, reasonable and unreasonable alike
  • Emotions that are unpredictable and may feel out of control

All of these things and more are normal. A natural part of the grieving process. As we work together, you will find safe, healthy ways to process your grief, which leads to healing. In the way that is right for you. On your timeline. Remember, it’s all about you and your healing.

You are in charge – always. You decide what goals feel right for you. Your decision, because this is your life. You decide how you would like to move forward and how your Grief Coach can best support you.

Grief Coaching

One on one
Face to face in a public location of your choosing, in my office or via the Internet using Zoom and of course, we always have the option of working together via telephone. It’s really about what works and feels best for you.

Mastermind Healing Group 

These weekly groups are deliberately small groups, limited to six (6) people are incredibly powerful. That is because of the bonds that are formed, the support that is given and received so effectively. Profound shifts happen.

We have the option to meet in a public location or via the Internet using Zoom.

Mastermind opens with a short guided meditation and a reminder of our intention as we spend time together. And then each person takes some time to tell it like it is. Plain and simple or dripping with emotion. Trusting one another, we feel our way through. Acknowledging what is being shared and finding the next step on the path which will help to shift those thoughts and beliefs as we explore what we really want, what we prefer. How we each, individually heal.

Finally, we agree to hold intentions for one another. Not based on what we feel should or could happen – but based on the desires of the person speaking, on their intentions. Seeing, feeling, knowing that they are real and being delivered right on schedule.

Over the years I have seen people transform their lives by working in these groups. They are truly powerful beyond measure. And that is because we have the power within us to heal, grow and evolve.


Reiki – this beautiful and very gentle energy work is all about bringing you into balance which restores relaxation, stress reduction and promotes healing. The energy of Reiki flows through the practitioner to you on whatever level serves your best and highest good. This brings you into balance, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This energy work is completely non-invasive. You simply lie fully clothed on a massage table as the practitioner shares this gentle energy.

If you prefer to receive this healing energy from a distance, or you live far away, you can still receive the gently healing of Reiki. We make the appointment and at the agreed upon time, you relax while I send Reiki to you. Absolutely as effective as in person.

Reiki can safely be received as a complementary treatment along with conventional therapies. Reiki is always safe. For you, your loved ones here and on The Other Side.

Hypnosis and Meditation

When you change the way your mind thinks – you change the way your life unfolds. Meditation is deep relaxation. Hypnosis is deep relaxation with the intention of welcoming change.

You are always in control. That’s important so I’m going to repeat it – you are always in control.

One on one
We meet in person for your session. You relax and together we discover what you are ready to release and what you are ready to welcome. Remember, this is always all about you.
If you cannot meet with me, we can discuss your intentions and I am happy to create a recording for you.


Meet as a Group
Join with your fellow participants for a deeply healing experience. You are invited to host this gathering.

Healing Fire, take a relaxing journey to meet your loved one who is now on The Other Side. These meetings with loved ones, even angels or spirit guides provide an opportunity to safely express what is in your heart. Knowing, trusting that you are absolutely safe.

Past Life Journey, visiting a past life experience can help us to understand who we are in more depth.

Akashic Records, this is where records are stored of every thought, emotion and event you have ever experienced… in this life or any other. Spirit welcomes you to open and learn as long as it is for your best and highest good. This promotes growth, healing, and a better understanding of how some of our most difficult experiences are helping our soul to grow and evolve. Always moving closer to pure Love.

Contact Sandy for fees for group sessions.

You can expect me to:

  • Support you as you discover and set your goals
  • Remind and empower you to take the best care of you – this matters more than you may imagine
  • Show you paths to healing that may have escaped your notice until now
  • Hold you accountable for doing your ‘homework’
  • Be your biggest cheerleader and always acknowledge each and every step that you make toward your own healing

I expect you to:

  • Be open to and willing to make changes
  • Commit to progress
  • Be willing to accept and enjoy the positive changes in your life


We remember the people who show up in our darkest hours.
~Shauna L Hoey