Better Study Habits – Hypnosis

How can hypnosis help you?

Recently I’ve had more and more people coming to me because they wanted to improve their concentration and focus. Of course these issues can be addressed with hypnosis! In fact hypnosis is very effective for children, adolescents and adults alike. The only thing that is required is a healthy mind and a willingness to make a change.

Who might benefit from this? Here are a few examples that I’ve worked with most recently.

A woman who wanted to grow her business. This particular woman works from home and tells me that in the past she was easily distracted from her business by all of the distractions that are part of being at home. Kids, husband, meal planning, etc.  As always, before I hypnotized her it was important for me to know what was happening for her and what goals she desired. Then came the hypnosis. This client reports that focus and concentration are coming easier and easier to her.

Another client contacted me for assistance with a professional exam. This exam was critical to her professional growth and she was extremely nervous that come the day of the exam she would freeze, being unable to focus or concentrate.  This nervousness was also causing her focus and concentration to be sporadic and lacking as she prepared for this exam. I spoke with this client after her exam. Her happy update is that she was calm throughout the two day exam, concentration came easily and she feels very positive about the outcome.

An enhanced ability to concentrate and focus can most certainly be achieved through hypnosis.

Be assured, when you are hypnotized you are not sleeping at all. Quite the reverse. Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness and focus. Your hypnotist will guide or facilitate you into a trance state; however this can only happen if you are open to the experience. Because of this, all hypnosis is in fact self-hypnosis. This relaxed and focused state may not feel much different than the awareness you experience during other relaxed or very focused experiences. Perfect!

Hypnosis works because the hypnotist is speaking to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is what is operating most of your experience at any time. After all, when was the last time you focused and deliberately reminded your liver to filter impurities from your system? My guess is that you leave that task to your subconscious, and for good reason. Your subconscious has the job well under control.

You have the ability to accept or reject suggestions that are given to you. Your hypnotist simply does not have the ability to make you do anything that is against your will. That only happens in the movies. In short, you are in control at all times.

You decide to make positive changes and to accept the suggestions that your hypnotist offers to you, your subconscious listens and acts on your preferences. This allows you to more easily release fears, phobias and unnecessary pain. It also allows you to shift to your preferred weight, stop smoking and as we discussed above, improve study habits through better concentration and clearer focus. All of these issues, and so many more can successfully be addressed with hypnosis.

It’s all up to you. When you change the way your mind thinks, you change the way your life unfolds. When you are ready to make a positive change, contact me.







It’s been a long time since my entire family was together for Christmas. Our eldest son left for the Air Force right after high school and spent most of the next six Christmas holidays in faraway places. One of our other sons enjoys traveling and he spent last Christmas far away in a much warmer location. This year they are all home, along with our beautiful new daughter-in-law. We are very grateful.

As a life coach, I spend a lot of my time trying to help others see that there are always at least two ways of looking at every situation. We have been very grateful for the past several years that everyone was healthy and happy, focusing on the amazing blessings in our lives and enjoying the emails and phone calls that we shared, even when we were not together.

I realize that it is very likely that next year we will be spending the holiday season in different locations. One of our boys is probably going to be moving south (he is so not a fan of the cold Wisconsin weather) another is probably going to relocate to another state for his job. That means that the third will probably get a bit more attention than he would like, but he’s a good sport and I think he can handle it.

What all of this means is that like everyone, we discover again and again that life is about change. We are determined to relax and enjoy having each other this year. Visiting with grandparents, aunts, and uncles we appreciate all of the blessings that we often take for granted. We don’t know what the next year will bring, except that we can be pretty certain it will be somewhat different than this season. Some of us may be together, some may be far away. I feel sure that we will still find ways to stay close, and being located in other parts of the country gives us all good reason to take a vacation. For our family even when we are separated by many miles, we still know that we are connected by love and genuine affection.

I encourage you to contact and connect with family and friends. If they are nearby terrific! If they are far away you can still be together. Phone calls, emails, cards and letters still connect us in powerful ways. We don’t have to be related to those we love, friends often become our family. This is a wonderful season to reach out to all those we care about and to let them know how we feel about them. Every time we do share that affection we feel a little bit better about our own lives and what friend or family member doesn’t want to know they are loved. The life coach in me loves that! It’s a win-win all around.

So, for this holiday season, I wish you the fabulous feeling of knowing that you care about someone and that they care about you in return.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, happy holidays to all of you my friends,