Thank You and Welcome

As always, I’m proud to be a holistic life coach who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of the fine states in the United States of America. The events of this last week make me even more proud.

First of all we say so long, but not good-by to a good, decent man who was our president for eight years. President Bush served us with honesty, decency and integrity. I have to say when I watched his farewell address on Tuesday night I was immensely proud. This fine man thanked Americans all over the globe, paid tribute to who have served with him and gave special thanks to our military. As a mom of a former Air Force member, I appreciated that very much. Most important, Mr. Bush assured his fellow Americans that he respects and appreciates and has confidence in our new president, President Obama. Job well done, thank you so very much.

For his part, President Obama thanked the out-going administration for a job well done. He spoke with respect of our past presidents and assures all Americans, regardless of political affiliations that he will be striving to do his best for all.

I see hopeful faces whenever the conversation about politics opens up. Americans have elected our first president of color and for many this encourages them to become engaged in the political and voting process as never before. From my point of view, I encourage all to be supportive of our new president. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter who I voted for, we as a country have selected our new president. It’s now my job to stand behind him, respectfully speak up about policies that I do not like and strongly get behind those that I do support. I do not see our president so much as a Democrat or Republican as our leader. President Obama is the president of all Americans and I believe that we will all benefit if we find a way to work with one another with respect and a positive attitude.

So, once again I would like to thank President Bush for all that he has done for our country, I appreciate it and wish him and his family health, prosperity and peace.

I would also like to welcome President Obama. I wish him success as he works hard for all Americans; I also wish him and his family health, prosperity and peace.

Wishing you a fabulous day, filled with hope and excitement as all Americans celebrate the beginning of a new presidency.


Thanks Indy!

Indy in deep thought.
Indy in deep thought.

If you’ve ever read my blog before, or have taken a walk through my website, you probably know quite a bit about me. You know that I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, beautiful but brrrrrrrr cold today. You know that I’m a holistic life coach, that I believe it’s impossible to compartmentalize our lives all that much. And you probably know that I live with a dog. Not just a dog, but a DOG. Indiana, who was named for the movie character Indiana Jones, is a very good representative of the boxer breed. He’s a very pretty boy, with a wonderful smooshy face that actually smiles when he’s happy. Energetic, friendly, playful and loving, he’s also lazy, sweet, cuddly and communicates his happiness or disappointment very clearly. It turns out that Indy also teaches me, on an almost daily basis.

Recently a friend of mine visited. Along with her came her wonderful vizslas. Her boy is named Tugger and her sweet little girl is Max. Now Tugger and Max had never been to my home before, so while they were enthusiastic to go somewhere new they were also a bit shy about meeting a new friend in a new home. Indy was just beside himself. He’s usually very exuberant about meeting new dogs and while generally polite, has been known to offer a few boxer punches to get the play going. Apparently this time, Indy was able to understand the caution of his guests. What followed was very interesting and once again reminded me of some very clear lessons.

All of the dogs went into the backyard. Max and Tugger began exploring but ignoring Indy. Meanwhile Indy went into serious play mode. In the doggy world, it’s polite to ask another dog to play and then to wait for a response. This is what an exuberant Indiana did. He ran all around Tugger and Max, he offered play bows and then waited at a polite distance for a response. Indy tossed his toys their way and did everything he could to entice a game of chase or wrestling. Meanwhile, Max and Tugger became more comfortable with the yard and house. They got closer to Indy but didn’t engage in play. Eventually, all three dogs came into the house and settled into naps in the same room.

Why did I tell you all of this? Besides telling you that I’m very pleased about my Indiana showing good doggy manners, I also think that the dogs were demonstrating very clear lessons. Indy was offering friendship and playtime, he even offered his toys. Max and Tugger were a bit shy but still friendly and very polite. They did not snarl or growl, they simply told Indy that they weren’t quite ready for that kind of closeness. None of them took it personally! For me, that was the lesson. It sounds simple enough, but it can be quite hard to learn and even harder to actually practice.

Here we go, life coach lesson time. Don’t take anything personally. When Indy made the offer to play it was not accepted by Max or Tugger. That didn’t have anything to do with Indiana personally; it had to do with their not being familiar with the house, yard or Indy. Indy didn’t take it as a personal rebuff; he simply understood that they had their own stuff to work through. Wow! It sounds simple enough, but it’s really huge. Did you ever say hello to someone who didn’t respond? Or who didn’t respond in a friendly manner? It’s tough sometimes to remember that we have no idea what’s going on in that person’s life at the moment. Maybe they have a problem that they can’t shake, maybe they simply didn’t hear. We don’t know. At the same time, if we take it personally, we might have our feelings hurt and we could become angry or sad. Why? It had nothing to do with us personally. When we are able to realize that what others say and do has nothing to do with us, that it really is all about them, going through day to day interactions becomes much easier.

So, next time you are in the grocery store and someone is rude or unfriendly, try not to take it personally or to respond in kind. Keep in mind that that person may have something heavy on their mind and let it go. You’ll feel better and you will not have done anything to make the other person’s day worse, you may well have helped them to feel slightly better in your neutral or kind manner.

That’s it. Once again Indy and his new pals reminded me of a very simple yet very powerful lesson. Don’t take anything personally. Thanks, Indy, Tugger and Max, I really appreciate it.

Wishing you a fabulous day filled with simple, sweet reminders of this lesson.


Everything Connects

When I decided to become a life coach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin it was clear to me that I needed to become not just a life coach, but a holistic life coach. Why? Because I’ve always believed that every aspect of life truly does affect all others.

Think about it a moment. If you are trying to get in shape but find yourself working long hours, juggling family life and other important commitments, I’m willing to bet that the exercise plan is going to fail pretty quickly. Even with the best of intentions, unless you find a way to prioritize your life, delegate a few things and generally find some balance you are not going to see much progress.

This makes plain and simple sense to me. I’ve been married for a couple of million years, raised a family while trying to keep up with work, extended family, school projects for three boys, Boy Scout activities, sports, etc. You get the idea. I know very well that when I was too overwhelmed in one area another would surely suffer. Just the facts of life, that ripple effect that we all know too well. I found out very early that I was the person who wanted to be involved in all activities. Great intentions, but when I spread myself too thin I wasn’t able to be effective or helpful to others. So, I needed to find balance, again and again. That’s a holistic point of view. I had options and choices; these were reevaluated on a continual basis. Did I get it all right? Nope. But I always learned something and looking back I’m very grateful for those lessons.

I continue to try to find balance in my life. Between career, family, social life, fitness, spiritual life, etc. All are important to me and the balance changes constantly. Sometimes I achieve that balance, sometimes I’m a bit off. That’s alright, the process continues.

So, Milwaukee holistic life coach, yep that’s me. I’m always going to ask others to view their life as a whole, not just bits and pieces.

Wishing you a fabulous day as you find the balance in your life,



It’s winter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not officially of course. According to the calendar, winter won’t begin for a few more days. But it turns out that Jack Frost has decided to do things his way. Last night we received approximately another foot or so of snow and there is more to come over the next few days.

Not everyone is a fan of the snow, especially not this much snow this early in the year. But I am! I love the snow. My only complaint is that this was not snowman snow. I know that for sure, I tried and tried to build a snowman, but it just didn’t pack right. Something about a fresh snowfall brings out the 4-year old that lives deep inside of me. I can’t wait to go out in the snow and play. I like to kick it around, make snow angels, build snowmen, taste it (only the snow that is white) and watch it for hours and hours. I don’t even mind shoveling the snow.

Why? To me, I think that snow represents so many good things. First of all, it represents a change of course. I really enjoy the change of seasons in Milwaukee, it’s beautiful. To my mind change is very exciting! It means that anything can happen and I always assume that means something wonderful. But most of all, I think that snow brings wonderful memories back to me.

When I was growing up, a good snowstorm meant that my dad would load us all up in the car along with the toboggan. We’d head to Whitnall Park; they had the very best sledding hill in the area. My dad would pile all of us kids on the toboggan and then he’d jump on just as we were headed down the hill. We would fly! Sometimes when it was time to climb up that very tall, slippery hill we would jump back on and get pulled right back up. Ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling, building snow forts and having snowball fights. When I think about it, snow meant fun, fun, fun! When we were all tired out, my mom would make us hot chocolate and wrap us in warm blankets.

As a life coach sometimes I think that there should be a deeper message in everything. If that’s so, then the message this week is very simple. Enjoy. Enjoy the changes that are inevitable. Enjoy the memories and enjoy building new memories. That’s it. It’s just that simple.

Wishing you a fabulous day, just like I remember when I was a kid.