Join Team Ameriprise/Serenity!

I don’t know anyone whose life has not been touched by cancer in one form or another. Ovarian cancer is often referred to as ‘The Disease that Whispers’ because it is often undetected in early stages. WOCA, or Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance is working hard to change all of that. It is their mission to educate the public regarding the symptoms of ovarian cancer so that it is recognized in it’s earliest stages when the survival rate is extremely high. They also make it their mission to offer support and advocate on behalf of women with ovarian cancer. These ladies are hard working, but always cheerful and optimistic. They know they are making a real difference in the world.

September is ovarian cancer awareness month. WOCA holds many events during September and one of them is Nancy’s Run, Rock N Stroll on September 18th. One of my favorite people suggested forming ‘Team Serenity’, a few team members will undoubtedly run the 5K and some will walk. This is your invitation to participate as part of Team Serenity.

You are of course most welcome to participate on your own or form your own team! For more information, visit the WOCA website. The brochure is also attached.

There are many other wonderful events happening, particularly in September, including the month long event ‘Turn the Towns Teal’ when they ask us to simply raise awareness of ovarian cancer by tying teal ribbons (gladly provided by WOCA) on your mailbox, lamp posts or at your place of business.

Serenity is donating $10 from each coaching and Reiki appointment scheduled in September to WOCA, it is our privilege to support this wonderful organization.

Give me a jingle, or drop me a line via email if you’d like to join Team Serenity. Of course we’ll have a great time and we will be making a difference. How cool is that?


Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance

I know we don’t like to admit it, but September is right around the corner and coming very fast!

Why do I bring this up? Because September is the month that Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance or WOCA has most of their events. September is in fact Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer awareness month.

This is an amazing organization, they do so much to spread the awareness of this disease. Helping to educate men and women alike so that the disease is more likely to be diagnosed and treated in the very earliest stages because that’s when a positive outcome is most likely. The events that WOCA runs help to raise money for this education and also for research so that this disease may ultimately be wiped out.

I have had the privilege of getting to know and care deeply about the ladies who started this organization. Their dedication and desire to do all that they can is real and deeply moving.

So, I’m asking everyone who reads this to go to their site at Read about the symptoms and get to know a bit about Ovarian cancer so that you can spread the word in a positive manner, thus encouraging and supporting good health for every woman in your life.

I will be participating in as many of the September events as possible. I’ve already signed up for Nancy’s Rock Roll ‘N Stroll on September 12th as well as the Brewer game on September 19th. I encourage you to participate as well if it is possible.

Remember, that we also have the opportunity to assist this wonderful organization by making donations. Please visit their site and if you feel so moved, make your donation. It truly will make a difference in the lives of many women.

Everything about these women appeals to me. Nothing about these women is negative, it’s all positive. Rather than dwelling on problems, I see happiness, optimism and hope. How can I not be attracted to this marvelous group of women?

I’ll continue to send Reiki to all of them. Donate my dollars and participate in events whenever possible. If you feel as moved as I do, I encourage you to do the same.


Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Recently I had the opportunity to meet truly remarkable women. Back in 1999, their sister and Aunt Ms. Joan Sagan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Dedicated to fighting this disease in 2001 the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance or WOCA was developed.

Since that time, Ms. Sagan, unfortunately, lost her battle with cancer. Her sisters Sandi and Kelli, along with Sandi’s daughter Erin have been working tirelessly to spread hope, encouragement, and information to families who have been affected by this disease.

Meeting these women and hearing their message touched me in a way that was much deeper than what I expected. Of course, they are passionate about their subject. I expected that much. What really moved me was the way that they quite literally radiate light and hope. They are currently in the process of having their website completely redone by NewAlliance Marketing, Their message is unrelentingly positive. Early detection and education can and does make such an amazing difference in the outcome of this disease. That is, of course, their emphasis. But it’s the way they deliver their message that strikes me. These women are cheerful, uplifting, positive‚, in short, they are hopeful.

Traveling frequently, they share this message whenever and wherever possible. They offer insight regarding how to communicate with someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. They offer some idea of what a person who has been diagnosed with cancer may expect to experience regarding emotions, treatments and so much more.

Sandi, Kelli, and Erin have faced this most feared disease and continue to face it every day. They are not angry, bitter women although many would say they have every right to be. They are comforting, uplifting and darned funny!

I encourage you to watch their new website develop in the next few months; you will see so much more of their dedication come to life on your computer screen. Please consider making a donation to WOCA. No doubt about it, it is time and money well spent.

To contribute, please make your check or money order payable to the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance and mail to:

Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance
P.O. Box 482
Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154
Fax: 414-764-4492

Sandi, Kelli, and Erin are fabulous. My hope for all of you is that you allow yourself to be touched by them and their cause.