Job Loss Means New Beginning

We hear about it on the news every day, people are losing their jobs. At the moment it’s a reality in America and folks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are not exempt.

Mike went to work on Thursday, to a job that he liked. By the time he left at 3pm, he had joined the ranks of the unemployed. I had the opportunity to talk with him in depth a few days later. The holistic life coach in me could not help but be impressed with his point of view. Mike told me that this will be a good thing in the long run. He liked his job and made pretty good money. However, he knew that as long as that job was there, he would probably not seriously look at other options. Mike is young, not quite 22 years old and very aware that the world has quite a lot to offer him. He is taking this opportunity to reflect a bit, think about where he wants to live, what makes him happy and where he can imagine himself in the future.

Mike’s considering going back to school, but that really does not hold a lot of appeal for him. He is, however, considering a wide range of opportunities including the possibility of going into business for himself. We chatted about the jobs that he is applying for and the range is amazing.

Naturally, since I’m a life coach and his mom, it was important for me to hear a bit about his plan. Mike is putting together an honest and thorough resume. He’s decided to grow his hair a bit and to shave off the thing that’s been hanging from his chin for so long. He’s asking his eldest brother about the most appropriate way to dress to put in applications and to go to job interviews. He’s also re-learning about the appropriate follow up to job interviews, thank you cards, phone calls, etc.

In short, Mike is optimistic that life is changing in a positive, exciting way for him. He told me that this experience is teaching him some very important lessons and that he looks forward to the next few months. He knows he has options that many do not. His parents have offered to let him move back home and they would welcome him, but that’s something he would prefer to avoid. Still, the reassurance of knowing he has that option removes much of his stress.

For my part, I support and applaud Mike. I will continue to offer him Reiki to keep him stress-free. As a holistic life coach, I will continue to chat with him about the choices he is making, I will encourage him to move in the direction that feels right to him, in short, to follow his gut which of course means to follow and discover his bliss. Mike is taking positive action steps to bring about the future that he desires and I have no doubt that all will unfold in an amazing way for him.

I wish Mike and all of the unemployed in Milwaukee and all of America a week of personal and professional growth, calm and optimism as their future unfolds before them.


Thank You and Welcome

As always, I’m proud to be a holistic life coach who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of the fine states in the United States of America. The events of this last week make me even more proud.

First of all we say so long, but not good-by to a good, decent man who was our president for eight years. President Bush served us with honesty, decency and integrity. I have to say when I watched his farewell address on Tuesday night I was immensely proud. This fine man thanked Americans all over the globe, paid tribute to who have served with him and gave special thanks to our military. As a mom of a former Air Force member, I appreciated that very much. Most important, Mr. Bush assured his fellow Americans that he respects and appreciates and has confidence in our new president, President Obama. Job well done, thank you so very much.

For his part, President Obama thanked the out-going administration for a job well done. He spoke with respect of our past presidents and assures all Americans, regardless of political affiliations that he will be striving to do his best for all.

I see hopeful faces whenever the conversation about politics opens up. Americans have elected our first president of color and for many this encourages them to become engaged in the political and voting process as never before. From my point of view, I encourage all to be supportive of our new president. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter who I voted for, we as a country have selected our new president. It’s now my job to stand behind him, respectfully speak up about policies that I do not like and strongly get behind those that I do support. I do not see our president so much as a Democrat or Republican as our leader. President Obama is the president of all Americans and I believe that we will all benefit if we find a way to work with one another with respect and a positive attitude.

So, once again I would like to thank President Bush for all that he has done for our country, I appreciate it and wish him and his family health, prosperity and peace.

I would also like to welcome President Obama. I wish him success as he works hard for all Americans; I also wish him and his family health, prosperity and peace.

Wishing you a fabulous day, filled with hope and excitement as all Americans celebrate the beginning of a new presidency.


Did I Do That?

What we think about does happen. I firmly believe that. I’m sure you’ve heard or read the theory at some point. Recently ‘The Secret’ has become very well known. Many other authors and speakers have also been spreading the word all over the world.

The theory is pretty simple and straight-forward. What we think about, where we put our attention will come to be our reality. Most of us have heard one version or another of this theory for most of our lives. Think about it. ‘What comes around, goes around.’ ‘You will reap what you sow.’ ‘You get what you ask for.’ It all makes perfect sense to me.

One of my favorite people in the world was my Uncle Oren. He always thought of himself as a lucky man. And he was! When he and my aunt were in the process of adopting their son, he entered a contest for baby diapers. Uncle Oren won. Over the next 25 years or so he continued to win, again and again. He won a Suburban, a $5000. lottery, a John Deere tractor with Green Bay Packers painting and logo on it. He also won a hunting rifle and a Harley Davidson telephone. The list goes on and on. When my wonderful, optimistic Uncle Oren entered a contest he simply expected to win. He once told my Aunt Nancy as he was leaving for work that she should call him when the call came in to announce his winning. Guess what happened only a few hours later… of course they got that call, he had won. I loved that attitude about him, as did everyone who knew him.

I’ve been thinking lately that I wanted to replace my eyeglasses. They were six years old, the lenses were scratched and they were undoubtedly a bit out of style. Still, they were functional and I couldn’t really think of a good reason to simply go out and replace them. Or could I? I had been thinking a good bit about getting new glasses, even talked to a friend about it. Then I sort of forgot about the issue. I believe I had set the process in motion. I was driving the other day, my glasses were irritating me so I took them off and set them on my lap. Very uncharacteristic of me. Later I got out of the vehicle and completely forgot about the glasses. Only after I had driven away again did I remember what had most likely happened. Sure enough, upon returning I found that I had run over my glasses with my truck. Oops. Guess who now needed new glasses and really had no good way to avoid it. I believe that this happened because I expected to replace the glasses, so that’s just what the universe helped me to arrange.

The reason I share this is that as a life coach I would like all of us to realize that we are in control of our future. We have the ability to bring happiness or unhappiness into our lives. We can think about, expect and plan for prosperity and as long as we are focusing on actual prosperity, not lack, bills and the fact that it hasn’t happened yet, it will indeed come to exist in our lives.

Now, this may or may not happen overnight. We need to focus our attention on what we actually want, completely release what we do not want. In other words, expect only the positive. It takes practice but I know it’s something that we are all able to accomplish, a bit today, a bit more tomorrow.

There will undoubtedly be more that I share about this in the future, in fact, I expect that soon I’ll feel the need to hold a workshop on the subject. In the meantime, I encourage you to give it a try. Ask for the wonderful things that you would like to have in your life, expect them to happen and then imagine them happening to you right now. I’d like to hear how it works out for you.

Wishing you a day filled with positive, fabulous thoughts.


Politics Are Heating Up

Here in Wisconsin, folks are taking this presidential election very seriously, but not always respectfully.

Yesterday I was outside when my neighbor called me over to the fence. He was grinning and shaking his head from side to side. Laughing he told me that someone had stolen his candidate yard sign. He continued to chuckle as he explained that the culprit had just wasted his time; he was going to go and get another one right away. Then he got a bit more serious.

He began to tell me how he feels that people need to understand and respect one another’s point of view in our country. He and his lovely wife are from another country; they came to the United States as a young couple and worked hard to become citizens. He served many years in the Air Force and she is a teacher. They raised two great kids who are now adults. This gentleman went on to say what a privilege it is that we get to choose, how he feels we need to have constructive discussions about what our options are and to support one another. He told me that one of his children will vote for one candidate and the other child for the opposition. He is so proud of both of them for taking the opportunity to learn what the candidates stand for and then voting their conscience. In short, while he supports his candidate adamantly, he supports positive respect for each candidate most of all. Needless to say, he doesn’t need any lesson from this life coach.

Ironically, last night I got a visit from a woman I‚ have known almost all of my life. She brought up the election as well; I think she had noticed the candidate sign in my yard. While we were chatting, she asked my why I had made my selection and if I was steadfast in that decision. It turns out that she is truly undecided at this point. This is a very smart woman, however she does not read very well. Because she wants to make a wise decision about the election she has been watching interviews on television, taking note of the advertisements and trying to ask other people what their viewpoint is and why they feel as they do.

Unfortunately, for the most part, she has received a pretty poor response. She told me that some people have actually shouted at her for even considering the candidate they are not supporting. Still, she persists in trying to learn as much as she can. Of course I saw this as a great opportunity to share what information I have about each candidate, and explained once again that my viewpoint is undoubtedly biased as I have made my decision. We talked about options for quite some time and I’m so happy to say she feels justified in trying to have civil conversations about politics with people that she respects, and she will continue to do so. Congrats to her for trying to educate herself while she makes a decision. She is taking positive action and I love that I was able to be a small part of that action.

Both of these wonderful people have offered a valuable lesson. They each feel powerful responsibility to make good choices. Each knows and believes that they will share and learn the most, if they are respectful and positive. They continue to share the belief with everyone else they speak to. I’m proud and grateful to know both of these people.

My wish for you is that you are surrounded and uplifted by respectful, positive, fabulous people.


Enthusiastic, Positive Action

I was pleased to run into a woman I know recently. She was so excited and looked so happy I had to ask her what was going on in her life. The life coach in me was excited to see her enthusiasm and excitement, I had to know more.

It turns out that this woman feels very strongly about which candidate she thinks should be elected president in the upcoming election. This year she decided that instead of simply going out to vote, she would do all that she could to see that her candidate would become the next president. She has volunteered to work the phone banks, is going door to door and talking to people and handing out literature. She is attending speeches and rallies. She is even opening up her home to fellow campaign workers and voters.

Wow!!! I was amazed, especially when she told me that as recently as a year ago, she would never have been able to do any of these things, and she would have felt overwhelmed and far too shy. What happened? She found something that she feels passionately about and discovered that baby steps could soon lead her down a wonderful path.

Talking to this woman was incredible. We have completely opposite views about whom would make a better president, but that was okay. She never once criticized my candidate; instead she focused on the positive attributes of hers. Although I am firm in my beliefs and know who I will vote for, I found myself eagerly listening to what she had to say. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her positive attitude made me see her candidate in a far more positive light.

I would like to congratulate this amazing woman on taking action. One of the things coaching clients always need to understand is that it doesn’t matter how eager you are to reach your goal, if you do not take some type of action, big or small, you will not reach that goal. However, when you go to bed tonight, as you think about the day and what has happened, you will no doubt feel wonderful when you realize that you have taken steps towards achieving your goal. And when you have spread positive energy to others with your smile and enthusiasm, you will help others to feel wonderful as well.

I wish you a day filled with actions that will lead closer to your goal, no matter what that goal may be. Doesn’t it feel fabulous to be on the road to success?