Welcome Ladies! This retreat is for you and all about you.

Hosted by:
Sandy Walden, owner of Serenity, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Hypnotist

We gather at Sandy's private place at the lake on Friday around noon. This is the place which inspired the name Serenity and where Sandy replenishes her supply of serenity frequently.

You will have the opportunity to participate in guided meditations daily. Supplies will be available to create your own Vision Board. Each person is invited and encouraged to enjoy a Reiki session. We will have a schedule, but it will be flexible and very loose. You may participate in all activities listed above, or none at all, as you prefer.

Enjoy walking in this lovely area, swinging on the porch while watching the soothing lake. Nap, read, chat with friends or... simply enjoy whatever moves you.

All meals will be provided.
Snacks, coffee, tea and water will always be available.
No alcohol or tobacco products are allowed.

Space is limited, so reserve your space today.

When: Friday, February 10 - Sunday, February 12
Where: Oxford, WI (precise location will be provided upon registration)
Cost: $250.00 per person

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Or, you can email Sandy: Serenity@SandyWalden.com

Women's Retreats

Women are very powerful! When we take the time to get together we learn about one another, support one another and serve each other, our families, our communities and ourselves in a wonderful way. Retreats are intended to encourage women to take care of themselves first, rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Share the company of other strong, loving women and feel yourself grow.

Retreats are intended to offer you time to put yourself first. You have the opportunity to experience Reiki, PSYCH-K, participate in guided meditations and even create a vision board. Or you can simply read, journal, chat, take walks or nap. There are no rules, simply opportunities.

All meals are included for retreats. Snacks, coffee, tea and water will be available at all times. Of course no alcohol will be allowed or served at retreats.

For more information regarding the next retreat, please contact Sandy at (414) 378.8764 or Serenity@SandyWalden.com.


The Relax and Recharge retreat was awesome. I simply cannot say enough good things about this retreat. Five women attended this retreat, within a very short time of meeting one another they women were sharing, supporting and encouraging one another as though they had known and cared about each other for years. We ate, walked, experienced Psych-K, participated in guided meditations, had Reiki, created vision boards and shared life experiences.

The retreat was held at my lake house and as I sit here now I can almost hear the laughter as stories were told, taste the cleansing tears of burdens shared and feel my heart fill up with the love, caring and support that was so freely shared.

The Acorn Journal: Messages of Connection from The Other Side

When someone we love has died, we miss them. We wonder where they are now. Are they alright? Can they see and hear us or are we disconnected forever? We long for a sign that death is not the end; that someday we will meet again.

After the devastating loss of their youngest son to suicide, the Walden's had these same thoughts and questions. This book is about the confirmation they received in a most joyful way. It is full of love and hope and needs to be read by everybody who has lost a loved one.

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Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

-- Wayne Dyer